Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Optional guarantees to protect your employees or populations at risk against physical accidents

The interests of such coverage
In case of an accident that results in bodily injuries, the Individual Accident Coverage makes it possible to:
Protect the most exposed staff and secure them in their mission
Maintain the professional activity of the company in risk areas
Complete the basic and essential employee provident guarantees
Benefit from high and rapid lump-sum indemnities
Protect the corporate brand image.

Insurable risks

Total and partial permanent disability,
Work Incapacity
Assistance, repatriation during travel,
Reimbursement of lost or stolen luggage,
Medical costs coverage,
Lawyer fees, advance of penal deposit,
Private life Civil liability.

The ARS process for the development of a personal accident risk program :

A specific audit for the company’s needs
The establishment of a specification
Tenders with insurers and reinsurers partners research
A contractual proposal
An operational management process
Partner of the global Aon Group (offices in 120 countries)
In-depth experience of individual insurance risks
Strong negotiating power