Car insurance

Car insurance

Risk management for car fleet insurance

Trust your ARS broker for all of your insurance needs.

Have total control of your vehicle fleet
Fleet management is an area subject to constant evolution. New tax concepts, growing challenges in cost management, interest in environmental impact as well as emerging alternatives in terms of mobility require great adaptability. In addition, it also creates significant risks related to vehicles, their drivers and their safety.

Insurance brokerage

ARS offers you a wide range of insurance solutions adapted to the needs of all businesses, from insuring a micro-fleet to setting up an international program.
ARS advises its clients in finding and implementing innovative car risk management solutions.

Innovative solutions for adequate fleet management

ARS provides you with its network of approved garages: As a customer, you can benefit from a network of approved garages which will provide you with the best repair conditions.
The “auto” department of ARS offers you innovative risk management programs for small, medium and large fleets of vehicles, owned or leased.
A dedicated and experienced team supports you in finding the best insurance solutions, in implementing prevention measures and in managing claims. It can advise you on strategic choices, help you establish relevant statistics and assist you in carrying out comparative studies.