Transport Insurance

Transport Insurance

Transport Insurance :
a road strewn with risks

Protect your national or international business activity

Your goods are at risk as soon as they are entrusted to a transport provider and shipped, or as soon as they are transported in your own vehicles or those of your employees.
In case of damage, the liability of your transport providers is limited, leaving in most cases damage to you.
  • Fire in a warehouse
  • Theft
  • Intentional act of a driver
  • Wrong declaration to customs
  • Stopping of business activities
  • Loss of goods from customers
  • Unlimited liability
  • Not recoverable from the customer
  • Stagnation of benefits
  • Liability claim
  • Bankruptcy
  • Invitation to pay

Optimal treatment of your claims

ARS has a dedicated team for claims, with extensive specialization in handling logistic claims
It ensures the recovery of claims from subcontractors, which reduces the claim expenses on your policy.
It can also play the role of independent third party so that you keep good relationship with customers
It commits to contractual deadlines for the settlement of compensations and the defense of your interests with the insurers.
Does not include a limit for construction projects - “no limits”.

Good risk management begins with understanding the potential threats. The Knowledge and the realistic estimating of your risks is an essential parameter.

Responsibilities (based on contract or legislation)
Possible properties damage
Impact on business continuity
The risk analysis is done, among other things, through field inspections, interviews with employees or even contract analysis. Based on this analysis, on your wishes and on an assessment of potential damage scenarios, a suitable solution will be offered in terms of insurance, and advice will be given as to the necessary insured amounts.
We also advise you on prevention. On the one hand through inspections, and on the other hand in terms of the contractual framework you will have with your constituents.

We have in-house the most extensive broker formulation in terms of logistics responsibility.



Your responsibilities, both contractual and legal, are covered as well as those which you assume on behalf of your clients, constituting the central point.


24-hour coverage for rolling stock and other equipment owned by you or by third parties, anywhere in the world.


The ability to insure goods for the benefit of (and on behalf of) your customer during transport and storage.

ARS advises you in the choice of policies adapted to your needs such as

A "travel" policy to ensure a single shipment
A Cover policy which automatically guarantees all transported flows

ARS supports you in setting up guarantees appropriate to your needs by issuing specific policies

Marine Cargo, inland transportation, air transportation and waterway transportation
Stock and transit
Stock, warehouse and transit
Stock, store and transit
Transport, stay, use
Transport, operating loss
Transport, assembly, testing segment
Transport, display, handling
Private transportation