Political risks

Political risks

Political risk coverage

Political interference, war and violence pose a risk to international affairs

we know that you want to grow, discover new markets and build new relationships.
The outlook in exporting countries can be bright. However, you don’t want to have to face financial worries due to political interference, war or violence.
Analysis and advice
ARS offers you objective advice and tailor-made solutions. We monitor political risks abroad and provide you with the necessary information. Risks may differ by country and impact each business differently. As an independent advisor and broker, ARS offers you international access to political risk insurers. It discusses with you what coverage you may need and ought to find the right solutions for your business.
Adapted product conditions
You can insure different political risks. Think about the risks of war, political violence and strikes. But also the withdrawal of authorizations, import and export embargoes, a ban on payments to financial institutions and the expropriation of property. Our expertise, our market knowledge and our power purchase give you a significant advantage. ARS offers you the latest solutions and the most advantageous conditions in the insurance market. Our tailor-made solutions make sure that your specific political risks are insured. And you don’t pay too much for irrelevant coverage.

Risks arising during the manufacturing phase and after delivery, or in connection with capital investments, shareholdings and investments abroad:

War / internal disorder
Embargo on imports or exports
Arbitrary termination of a state seller's contract
Withdrawal of license, loss of debt following non-payment
Prohibitions on conversion, transfer and payment
Other arbitrary state interventions
Non-opening of a confirmed documentary credit
Unjustified use of bank guarantees due on first request
Nationalization and confiscation by the authorities
Confiscation of machines and facilities
Withdrawal of disposal rights
Prohibition of transfer of income from participations
Insurance coverage
Compared to largely standardized state coverage concepts, the private insurance market offers the following solutions and possibilities:
Insurance of selected individual risks, Individual cover conception, calculation of premiums in accordance with the risk, Willingness to also cover unconventional risks, Independence from national restrictions.
ARS will be happy to support you in this specific area when drawing the optimal solution for your business.