Health Insurance Group

Health Insurance Group

Health Insurance Group

ARS’s Group Health Insurance team plans, designs and manages benefit plans that generate results.

ARS builds personalized benefits solutions for organizations that want to :
Strike a balance between costs and results
Stimulate the mobilization and productivity of their employees
Optimize the physical and mental health and well-being of their employees
Optimize the financial health and well-being of their employees
Promote the empowerment of their workforce
Improve the health and well-being of their employees
ARS works with you to manage the health and benefits risks and opportunities for your organization.

How do we do it ?

Comparative analysis of the plan to know the competitiveness, efficiency and cost maintenance
Management of the current plan, including renewals, claims verifications and supplier selection
Management, strategies and solutions regarding the health and drug insurance plan
Ensures faster claims settlement, thanks to our competent coordination
Health and wellness strategies and solutions
Actuarial services, including financial risk assessments and management
Integrated social benefits solutions

Three guarantees are granted :

Consists of reimbursing the insured member as well as his spouse and dependent children for care or maternity costs incurred as a result of an illness or an accident. According to a scale agreed with the client taking into account the allocated budget.
Consists of serving a death benefit to the beneficiaries designated by the deceased member. If the member is totally disabled (100%), he will be paid the amount of the death benefit.

Is a cover intended for the member employee, who interrupts his work for medical reasons. The purpose of the guarantee is to allow the member to have additional income after the CNAM.
The Temporary Incapacity for Work guarantee : the member on sick leave benefits from a daily allowance paid. Over a period which may exceed one year of sick leave.
Invalidity guarantee : if the member has a disability higher than 33% according to expert opinion (CNSS), he will receive an annuity depending on the degree of disability.