Construction insurance

Construction insurance

Construction projects and their insurance:
a comprehensive approach

As your trusted risk advisor and insurance broker, our role goes beyond the simple process of placing and managing your construction insurance programs and performance guarantees.

Insuring complex construction projects does not only require legal and business skills, but also skills in construction techniques.
ARS Tunisia is uniquely positioned to work with entrepreneurs of all sizes to help them decisively cut costs, prosper over the long term and gain momentum in the market. Without having to change your current insurer or bail, ARS Tunisie can offer you enhanced guarantees, precise general conditions and an improved pricing structure.

Insurance solutions to grow
your projects

ARS Construction is an insurance concept individually adapted to your particular construction project;
It covers all construction stakeholders;
It ensures that all those who contribute to the payment of the premium actually profit from benefits in the event of a sinister;
Ensures faster claims settlement, thanks to our competent coordination;
No limit for construction projects - “no limits”.

Their technical know-how in construction and their insurance and risk
management expertise allow them to understand
both your constraints and those of the insurer

Preparation of technical subscription files accompanied by a risk study to facilitate placement;
Assist you during major claims (sinisters) assessments in order to favor amicable solutions.
The number of construction insurers present on the market is limited. Placing your insurance can be difficult. To ensure your legal obligations and the sustainability of your activities, ARS Tunisie advises and supports you in controlling your risks.

ARS Tunisie is always at your disposal

Its teams support you at all levels of risk management: identification and prevention of risks, insurance programs conception, policies implementation, management of investments and sinisters.

Project management


Engineering offices






In order to obtain better compensation for your claims and speed of settlement, ARS Tunisia intervenes in

The constitution of the claim file,
Significant claims assessments,
The interpretation of policies and the terms of guarantees application,
Monitoring, relaunching and assisting in settling any disputes with insurers,
The achievement of a sinister statistical reporting.